Comparing Amazons to Oranges

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Testing the Limits of e-Commerce

Before Amazon graced your stoop, there was one simple question to answer when the bell rang: “Would you like to look in my bag?” New York’s fashionable mavens summoned to reply to this query had no inkling that the peddler at the door could easily have been one Levi Strauss whose name would one day be know the world over. In 1847, at the age of 18, the Jewish migrant traveled in steerage to New York from Buttenheim, Bavaria. It was in this bustling city that the new American got his start, lugging as much as 100 pounds at a time up and down the island of Manhattan as an itinerant peddler, purveying all manner of goods. With luck, the wives who opened the front door had ample disposable income care of husbands conveniently ensconced at their offices, peddling their own wares, albeit in a confined space. Entrepreneurial drive aside, to his conscientious credit, Strauss never failed to return to lower Manhattan every Friday evening in time for the Sabbath.

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