Extreme Road Tripping — QI on Q2 and Beyond

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It started with Tarzan, or at least Johnny Weismuller, who would later portray him on the big screen. Young Johnny was the star of the 1924 Olympics, where he won three gold medals for swimming, including the 100-meter freestyle in under one minute, a first. The venue, the Piscine des Tourelles introduced the first of its kind 50-meter Olympic-sized swimming pool and featured space to hold 8,000 spectators. The spectacle was a huge hit.

Within four years, a small Florida town had built its own Olympic-sized swimming pool which spawned two Olympians – Elbert Root and Katherine Rawls. By 1938, college coaches, especially those on colder campuses lacking indoor pools, had taken note of the idyllic aquatic venue. Seizing the opportunity on behalf of its 17,000 inhabitants, August Burghard, the town’s Chamber of Commerce director, and Al Gordon, manager of the municipal pool, invited college swim teams to escape the chill by taking part in the inaugural College Coaches’ Swim Forum.

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