With Great Pride, I Give You Fed Up

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With Great Pride, I Give You Fed Up, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Money Strong

Dear Friends,

Today I am proud to announce that the book I have spent the last two years working on – FED UP: An Insider’s Take on Why The Federal Reserve is Bad for America – will be available wherever books are sold on February 14th.  Consider it a Valentine’s Day Forget Me Not to the country. FED UP is not only important to me, but it’s a critical read for every citizen of this country, especially now. As I stated in my Bloomberg piece last week, President Elect Trump has the opportunity to rebuild the Federal Reserve from the bottom up and reshape our economy in unfettered, uncompromised fashion.

In Fed Up, I pull back the curtain on the Fed and explain what really happened to the economy after that fateful December day in 2008, when interest rates were taken to the zero bound. I elaborate on how a cabal of unelected academics within the Federal Reserve made fatal policy decisions based not on the direct impact it would have on the average American household, but rather on their theoretical models that effectively muffled the voices of this country’s working men and women.

Please know that without the weekly Money Strong newsletter and your loyal support, there would be no book. Accept my humble gratitude for your undying encouragement with this gift of an early look at the book, before it hits the stands. For those of you who choose to order the book in advance, I’ll send you an early sneak peek. Please click HERE for more info.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to embark upon this journey with you and, as has always been the case, welcome your feedback.

All the best,