INFLATION DEFLATION – Central Banks’ Chimera Distorts Policy

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Ah, the Riviera. That gorgeous slice of sun-kissed perfection on the Mediterranean’s French coast. Hop over Italy to another stretch of sparkling blue water where Turkey and Greece bask in the sun and you will find the proud Turks, and the even prouder Greeks. As the Greeks see it, all modern woes aside, it is they and only they who can claim the revered lofty perch of those descended from the  true roots of Western civilization. All other claims are nothing more than a chimera and a false one at that. The real wonder, where mythology’s Khimaira resided among the flames, can only be found on the southern coast of Turkey in centuries old Lycia…home to one of the 20 mountains known in the Classical world as Olympus. There you will encounter a ‘Burning Rock’ named Chimaera, a cluster of eternally burning flames that blaze on the slopes of Mount Olympos, as it is known today, perched above the Mediterranean. Myth will tell you that the Ancient Greek hero Bellerophon, son of Poseiden, was commanded by King Iobates to slay the three-headed beast Khimaira whose rampage was laying waste to the countryside of Lycia in Anatolia. Riding into battle on the back of the winged horse, Pegasus, he flew high over her, took aim and drove his lead-tipped lance into the creature’s flaming throat. Death was delivered in molten metal. If only… As legend has it, Khimaira’s fires were never extinguished.

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