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Will Demographics & the Tax-Law Change Topple High-End Residential Real Estate?

Fibonacci was a ‘hare’ off base. When it comes to hyper-productive procreation, bees best rabbits by a helluva hive. That’s not to say the legendary mathematician doesn’t deserve credit where it’s due. It’s no stretch to say the numeric system we take for granted would not exist if not for his ground-breaking work. As for his name, that’s another story. Fibonacci was born in Pisa as Leonardo Pisano, hence his first given name. But he was also son of Guglielmo Bonaccio, which he hand-wrote into his mathematics masterpiece Liber Abaci as “fillius Bonacci,” or son of Bonaccio, and was in turn misinterpreted to become his second name, (fi)bonacci. The error would hold given the year he perished – 1250 – two centuries before the printing press graced the masses.

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