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Misleading by Example — Foiling the Figment of Forward Guidance

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Ah, but to be suspended on tenterhooks, suspense pulsing through your veins as so much adrenaline. Or not… Time has glamorized few words more than it has “tenterhooks.” It all started with freshly woven wool and an aggravated 14th century fuller, a craftsman tasked with its cleaning. Removing the oil and dirt required wetting the cloth which all but guaranteed shrinkage, the arch enemy of fullers. To the rescue rode the tenter, (from the Latin tendere, to stretch) a simple wooden frame, often in the form of a double-sided fence. Securing the cloth using hooked nails driven into the tenter’s perimeter and stretching it to the other side ensured both shape and size were retained during the drying process and the fuller’s coffers plump.

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