Modern Meritocracy Theory

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Pledging Allegiance to an American MMT

“Know that I shall never alter my ways, not even if I have to die many times.”

Before martyrdom, there was principle, there was Socrates. Unlike those moved to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good, driven by the purity of faith that God welcomes with open arms, Socrates had no such innate assurance. The Ancient Greek whose pupils scatter the filament of great thinkers lived in an era of gods, plural, to whom he pledged absolute fealty to his own orchestrated end. Despite the public’s awareness of his unmatched devotion to both those he worshiped and schooled, his enemies trumped up charges of “refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state” and “corrupting the youth.” How Socrates came to be convicted remains either a mystery or a testament, depending on your own philosophy. There is no question of his unrivaled mental acumen. It follows that successfully defending himself to acquittal would have been a given. And yet, we know a death sentence ended the life of the man credited with founding Western philosophy.

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