Money Strong Top 10

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Money Strong TOP TEN 2016Dear friends,

Linked below you will find the 10 most popular (according to your clicks, not my opinion, of course!) posts of 2016.

I seriously appreciate your feedback and thoughtful insights in response to my every-seven-days linguistic tears.

Looking forward to the release of Fed Up in 6 weeks (click here to check it out) and all that 2017 promises to bring. I’m delighted you’re along for the ride –

Happy 2017!


Money Strong Top Ten 2016

  1. Is America’s Economy Shooting Blanks?
  2. The Shanghai Expressionless
  3. Central Banks and the Rise of Extremism
  4. An Embarrassment of Stitches
  5. Are America’s Workers Playing Hard to Get?
  6. Retailing in America: Valley Girl (Interrupted)
  7. Venezuela Burning
  8. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt!
  9. Midnight in the Garden of Fallen Angels
  10. The Federal Reserve and the Destruction of the American Dream