Of False Prophets and Promises, DiMartino Booth

Of False Prophets and Promises — From Subprime to “Investment Grade”

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From Subprime to “Investment Grade” – Lehman’s Lessons Learned & Squandered

Does the wolf in sheep’s clothing always walk away fat and happy? Not according to 12-century Greek rhetorician Nikephoros Basilakis. In Progymnasmata, the traditional Biblical parable is prefaced with, “You can get into trouble wearing a disguise.” The shepherd in the Greek version did indeed admit the wolf into his sheep’s fold freely and even closed the wily, evil-doer in securely within the vulnerable flock’s shelter. But, alas, to the wolf’s comeuppance, the less-than-astute shepherd also had a craving for mutton for dinner. And so, ravenous, he unsheathed his knife and killed…the wolf. In Nick’s estimation, whether by design or chance, penalties will be meted out.


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