Danielle DiMartino Booth helps investors, companies and clients understand the movements of the world markets and the actions of  regulators to ascertain how macroeconomics may affect their business enabling them to make smart decisions given an ever-changing world economy. Put Danielle’s bold predictions, based on meticulous research and her years of experience in central banking and on Wall Street, to work for you. Contact her to choose the best format for your needs.

Speaking Engagements
Danielle is an in-demand, accomplished speaker who can tailor her message to a myriad of audiences, once spending a week crossing the ocean to present to groups as diverse as the Portfolio Management Institute in Newport Beach, the Global Interdependence Center in London and the Four States Forestry Association in Texarkana. Her success is based on her ability to both speak AND  translate the arcane language of Wall Street thinkers and Fed insiders to the man on the street. Danielle is regularly featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, Fox News, RT & BNN. She will work with you and your team to tailor the message to your audience.


New Orleans Investment Conference

Executive Forums
In an Executive Forum, firms bring together numerous clients for a lively discussion on Danielle’s latest writings or a topic of the client’s choice.  These breakfast or lunch meetings provide clients with the opportunity to hear Danielle’s latest insights and participate in a lively Q&A with both Danielle and industry colleagues and peers.

Private Audience with Investors
Much like an executive forum, but specifically for clients of a single firm. Our favorite private audiences have been firm-sponsored “Dinners with Danielle” during which firm employees and clients enjoy a wonderful meal and lively and open dialogue with both an industry expert and their relationship managers.

With Danielle’s deep roots in central banking, Wall Street and communications, she is uniquely qualified to help your firm comprehend and maneuver the potential effects of proposed regulatory and policy alternatives and market trends and determine how best to move forward in an ever-changing world of economic uncertainty. Consulting engagements are based on the unique goals and objectives of you and your team. Danielle looks forward to discussing your needs and developing a plan together.

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