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Fixing it When it’s Not Broken

 Fixing it When it’s Not Broken

Unconventional Monetary PolicyDistorts the Principles of Finance 


 “A Diamond is _______.”

“Snap! Crackle! ___!”

“Just Do __.”

“Finger Lickin’ ____.”

Some accidents are preordained. In the prim and proper 1950s, ladies wore snow white gloves in public and gentlemen tipped their fedoras in acknowledgement of the era’s contained composure. Hence one disgruntled housewife’s horror in seeing Dave Harman (daughter Wendy) licking his fingers in broad daylight, for all the world to see, on live TV, no less! Harman had merely been along for the ride. He’d toted a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken to a local Phoenix TV station and having only come to observe, was chomping away in the background, albeit in full view of the camera, as his franchise manager Ken Harbough spun out the restaurant’s advertising. As for Harbough’s spontaneous reply to the scandalized woman on the other end of the phone he described as, “mad as the devil”? “Well, it’s finger lickin’ good!” An advertising legend was born, poor etiquette and all.

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