The Liquidity Paradox — Markets at Risk of Spontaneous Combustion

Members of the subtribe Hominina struggle mightily with spontaneity. Routine ensures order and the innate succor of predictability. Regrettably, life often diverges from script, jarring us from our safety zones. Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from fire, which has been known to self-ignite under the right conditions. Curiously, moisture is often the combustible catalyst. All that’s needed is a base of materials that have low ignition temperatures and protracted heat and humidity. Combine anything you’d find in a barn – hay, straw, or peat – and an endless stretch of sweltering, soupy summer days, which isn’t hard to imagine these days. A requisite amount of oxidation with a dash of bacterial fermentation later and you’ve laid the groundwork for heat that has no way to escape.

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