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The Cubicle Cult and Other “Endangered” Office Species

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Poor Jack. He just thought he was getting a free pass when he first heard that 1659 proverb promising that, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It would seem the ‘Jack’ of the 17th century was an English Channel off course, and 30 years too early to frolic in Louis XIV’s Versailles playground. At least that’s how Scottish government reformist Samuel (no) Smiles saw it when he warned that, “All play and no work makes (Jack) something worse.” Cue the dark refrain. But why not let Jack wallow in frivolity if he’s idly inclined? Leave it to the Irish to prescribe penance, or as Irish novelist Maria Edgeworth penned in 1825, “All work and no work makes Jack a mere toy.” Poor Jack?

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