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Counting Cranes on Mars — Central Bank Stimulus & Global Commercial Real Estate

Are we in good company? Were we at some point? It would seem we have a little bit more waiting to do. It isn’t until 2020 that we can get six feet under to ascertain if signs of life on Mars come from within its fertile (?) soils or if a whiff of an organic presence happened upon the Red Planet by way of its solar surroundings. The European Space Agency’s ExoMars spacecraft, scheduled to touch down in 2020, will be capable of drilling deeper that NASA’s Curiosity rover, characterized as an engineering marvel conveniently housed in an SUV body. Being restricted to 2-inch forays into a watery lake bed that once filled Mars’ Gale Crater revealed sulfur-spiked rocks containing organic molecules (LIFE!). Three Martian meteorite landings later, researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science were able to probe deeper and confirm the 3.5-billion-year-old carbon footprint.

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