The Fed Plans Accordingly

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But mouse-friend, you are not alone
In proving foresight may be vain;
the best laid schemes of Mice and Men
go oft awry,
and leave us only grief and pain,
or promised joy!

Please plan accordingly. Wiser words, you say? The Bard would beg to differ. No, not Shakespeare. The other bard, Scotland’s Robert Burns, the Ploughman Poet and Scotland’s Favorite Son. To say Burns was prolific is an affront given the catalogue of literary masterpieces written before his death at age 37. But most agree, To A Mouse, the tail end of which I’ve shared, was his most profound and greatest work. The eldest of seven children, Burns grew up a farmer in the middle of Scotland’s damp, frigid heartland. The severity of the manual labor required, jostled as he was from one farm to the next, left him with a premature stoop and a compromised constitution. Above all else, the raw pain in Burns’ words convey the hopelessness of hardship that has no end, the chill that settles into your soul as life’s best laid schemes corrode into embittered aspirations of youth that passes you by.

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