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The Rats Pack It In — The Heisting of Public Pensions

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Hollywood is a great place to rewrite history, even its own. A 1958 case in point has a gas station attendant sharing a far-fetched story with film director Gilbert Kay. Kay proceeded to relay the story to Peter Lawford who bought the rights to the tale. When Rat Pack leader Frank Sinatra eventually got wind of the story, he joked, “Forget the movie, let’s pull off the job!” Sinatra may have been on to something as the original 1960 Ocean’s 11 fell flat. How a group of World War II 82nd Airborne veterans morphed into miscreants intent on pulling off the heist of a lifetime was something of a mystery to filmgoers. Sinatra, Martin et al would have portrayed more credible actors by being themselves. Some critics noted they did just that, too self-absorbed to even feign character. And then there’s the ending. Victory in hand – five Las Vegas casinos robbed in a single night, on New Year’s Eve, no less, the film goes up in smoke in a twisted ending that leaves one unsettlingly unsatisfied.

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