The Roaring 20s —  Can Millenials Grow the U.S. Economy?

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Before the football game of 1875 that would go on to simply be “The Game,” there were the Clubs. The Harvard Club of New York City was founded by five graduates in 1865. The Old Yale Alumni Association of New York followed three years later. Though the annual Harvard dinner at Delmonico’s must have been quite the sight, the growth that followed soon exhausted the option of renting space to house the Clubs. To accommodate its expanding membership, Harvard opened its first clubhouse at 29 West 44th Street in 1894. Six years on, Yale opened its first location next door, at 30 West 44th Street. Whether resolute determination to dominate or not, the Yale Club’s second and permanent home at 50 Vanderbilt Avenue was when it opened in 1915, and remains today, the world’s largest private club. And though disputed, the club is said to be deliberately built near the site of Yale 1773 graduate Nathan Hale’s execution during the Revolutionary War.

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