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A THEOLOGICAL TIPSTER — A Wall Street Story by Edwin Lefèvre

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Dear friends,

This Friday afternoon, all of those gathered on the floor of The New York Stock Exchange will come together to sing, “Wait ‘Till the Sun Shines, Nelly,” a delightful tune that’s been with us since 1905 care of music written by Harry Von Tilzer and lyrics by Andrew B. Sterling.

The tradition of singing at the Exchange started as the Great Depression was getting underway, devastating the spirits and dashing the hopes of those Wall Street had claimed as casualties of the crash of 1929. Uplifting was indeed in order, which the song’s words deliver in fine form.


Wait ‘till the sun shines, Nellie
Wait ‘till the sun shines, Nellie
By and by 

Wait ‘till the sun shines, Nellie
And the clouds go a-drifting-by
We will be happy, Nellie
Don’t you cry 

Down Lover’s Lane we’ll wander
Sweethearts you and I
Wait ‘till the sun shines, Nellie
By and by


Take it upon yourself today and the days that follow to look to the bright side, to know the rain will pass. Trouble your mind not with all of the realities that will surely still be with us in the year to come. They can wait.

Take the day off. Shop for those you love with a light heart and smile generously at strangers as you bustle past one another. Wish all around you the sincerest of holiday cheer. And finally, take a moment for yourself to indulge in something that brings a happy memory to mind.

In the spirit of indulgence, for a third year in a row, I humbly offer you a Wall Street tale, a gift from me to you, some levity in light of the season of giving. With that, please enjoy, A Theological Tipster: A Wall Street Story by Edwin Lefèvre.


With the deepest of sincerity, wishing you well,




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